FAQ about Villa Rentals

Staying in a private home that has its own staff is often a new experience for our clients. As is travelling to Bali. Here we have listed a few of our most frequently asked questions.

Q. How do I book?
A. All bookings are on request to the individual Villa Owners. Bali Soul Villas will communicate with the accommodation managers on your behalf and aim to confirm your booking within 48 hours. At this time we will send you an invoice for a 50% deposit payment. Once the deposit is received your booking is confirmed. You can pay by direct transfer into our US Dollar Account. All payments are in USD as that is the currency used most often for accommodation here in Bali. The second 50% payment is due 60 days prior to arrival. In the event the total booking is less than USD1500, the total payment is required up front. This is due to international transfer fees, and is in the best interest of all parties. However, the same cancellation policy still applies (guests would still be refunded the applicable amount).

Q. What are the payment options and can I pay in my own currency?
1. Payments must be received in US Dollars.
2. Guests to the site should consider the currency convertor provided as a reference tool only.
3. A 50% deposit is required to confirm reservations with the balance payment due 60 days prior to your arrival.
4. Select Villas require a 20% deposit with the balance payment due 75 days prior to arrival.
5. The preferred payment method is via Direct International Transfer.
6. A USD$25 handling fee is added to each invoice to cover international transit/corresponding bank fees.
7. Credit Cards payments are available with a 2.5% surcharge and payable in Rupiah (your invoice would be converted for you and a payment link provided).
8. For any bookings under USD$1500 total we require full payment at the time of booking.
Q. Are discounts available?
A. Early Bird Discounts of 15% may be available when booking 150 days in advance at some properties and Last Minute Bookings often enjoy a 10% discount. We will advise you whenever discounts are available. For stays of 10 days or more in length, yes we can apply a discount also.

Q. What are the dates for Seasonal Rates?
A. As each property is independently run the dates for each Villa do vary. For this reason when you enquire about a property we will send you the exact dates and details for the individual property/s you are enquiring about. However below is an example guide to seasons that are commonly used. Please note minimum night stay requirements may also apply, 3 nights in low season, 5 nights in high season and 7 nights in peak season.

Many Villas have the below seasonal breakdown as a guide. Please note some properties also offer a Shoulder Season rate in early April, late June and late August. We will advise as needed.


Low Season 2017:
  • Jan 9th – January 26th
  • February 2nd – April 13th
  • April 22nd – June 15th
  • September 1st – December 20th
High Season 2017:
  • January 27th – February 1st ( Chinese New Year)
  • April 14th – April 21st (Easter Period)
  • June 16th – August 31st
Peak Season 2017:
  • 21 December to 8 January 2018

Low / Mid Season 2018:
  • January 9th – February 14th
  • February 22nd – March 29th
  • April 3rd – June 15th
  • September 1st – December 20th
High Season 2018:
  • February 15th – February 21st ( Chinese New Year)
  • March 29th – April 2nd (Easter Period)
  • June 16th – August 31st
Peak Season 2018:
  • 21 December to 8 January 2019

Low Season 2019:
  • January 6th - February 1st
  • February 11th – April 4th
  • April 22nd – June 14th
  • September 1st – December 14th
Mid Season 2019:
  • April 5th – April 16th
  • June 15th – June 21st
  • August 18th – August 31st
  • 1st September – September 14th
High Season 2019:
  • February 2nd – February 10th
  • April 17th – 21st April (Easter Period)
  • June 22nd – 17th August
  • December 15th – 25th December
Peak Season 2019:
  • 26th December to 4th January 2020

Q. Why can't I find my Villa other places on the internet?
A. It may be because some of the Villas in our portfolio are Bali Soul 'signature villas' so they are only available through our web site. Or it may be because many of the Villas are displayed here under a marketing name that is unique to our listing. We are very selective with the properties we decide to include so if you have any concerns please share them with us and we will try to help. It's important you feel happy with your holiday booking.

Q. Should I stay in a Villa or at a hotel?
A. A private Villa is an intimate experience where you can totally relax and enjoy your holiday at your own pace. You can request meals and services from in-house staff at times that suit you and enjoy a truly private environment. If it is 'people watching' and a chance to socialise with other holiday makers in communal areas perhaps a hotel would suit you better. Often our clients spend half of their time at a boutique hotel and retreat to a rental villa for the remaining part of their stay. It's your holiday, you choose what appeals to you.

Q. Who arranges my transport from the airport?
A. Bali Soul Villas will arrange for a driver to meet you at the airport and drive you to your accommodation. After you have settled in we will then be in contact to see if you have any questions. At many of our Villas we will also provide a car to take you back to the airport at the end of your stay.

Q. How does shopping and cooking work at the Villa?
A. Each private villa has slightly different set ups but generally the in-house staff do all your grocery shopping and errands and prepare your meals accordingly on request. There will be a daily house keeping service also. Other services such as babysitting, massages, tours or a driver can be arranged on request. You will be provided with the details and inclusions of each individual place so you know what to expect.

Q. Does the Villa / Hotel have insurance in case of an accident or theft?
A. Bali Soul Villas strongly recommends all people to take out appropriate travel insurance to cover themselves in the event of accident, illness or theft. You stay at all properties at your own risk, however of course measures are taken by management to prevent any problems during your stay. Bali Soul Villas is a booking agency and under no circumstance can be held responsible for any loss, expense, damage, claim or injury either directly or indirectly due to your stay in a private villa or hotel that we represent. To get a quote for Travel Insurance please see our recommended partner

Q. Do we need travel visas to holiday in Bali?
A. Some non Indonesian travelers require a tourist visa to stay in Bali. It depends which passport you hold. If so you must purchase a Visa on Arrival (VoA) at the airport in Bali. The current cost is US$35 per person for a 30 day tourist visa, payable in US dollars or Indonesian Rupiah. You can also pay in other common currency, however the airport will decide the exchange rate. At this time credit card payment is not available.
When you land at the airport in Bali you need to go the “Visa On Arrival” counter and purchase your tourist Visa. The VOA After purchasing, you then join the line to go through the Immigration counter towards baggage claim.

Please check if you require a Visa on Arrival. Australian Passport Holders have recently been granted a free 30 Day Tourist Visas to Bali, however this may change in the future. Australians can proceed directly to the immigration counter on arrival at the airport.

Q. What if we have questions during our stay?
A. Bali Soul Villas can be contacted during your stay by phone or email if you need any assistance. We are based in Bali and are here to personally assist you. We want your holiday to be a truly exceptional and memorable experience.

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