About us

bali soul villasOur love affair with Bali began many moons ago. Bali Soul Villas was born organically, we started by helping our own family and friends find unique places for their holidays, then as the requests for help kept coming - we decided to start our own web site.

We believe in enjoying our work and making sure life remains an adventure.

We offer a personal style of service as we genuinely want our clients to experience the best the island has to offer. We combine our understanding of western holiday needs with our local knowledge to find the accommodation that we believe is best suited to you.

Our Bali Guide page offers some suggestions on great places to wine, dine, spa, catch some culture, have your eat pray love moment, hit the beach and shop. However, Bali is ever changing so we are happy to talk with you individually about what you are seeking and help you discover it in your way.

Many of our clients and friends have young families like us, and we are more than happy to help with pool fences, car seats, toys, appropriate floor plans for little kids and freelance babysitters. The little things can make all the difference.

Bali Soul Villas supports a local orphanage in Denpasar. The facility is home to 90 Indonesian children and they rely solely on the support of people like us. To learn more click here

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